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  • Student startup founded by TU Delft student Max Nijman
  • Innovative and creative product to increase fire safety
  • Similar to a decorative throwable fire extinguisher
  • Handmade in the Netherlands
  • Effective fire extinguishing aid

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Flame Away is a student startup founded by TU Delft student Max Nijman. In 2019, Max and three other students saw a problem: few people have fire extinguishers at home, and if they do, they are often hidden somewhere. Since this is quite problematic if a fire ever breaks out, they have started developing a decorative throwable fire extinguishing aid. After 3 years of development, Flame Away was launched on the market Looking for a stylish and useful tool to keep your home safe? Then this is the perfect product.

How does it work?

It is a product that, when thrown into a fire, breaks and disperses the fire extinguishing fluid. The liquid is a water-based mixture, which has been proven to effectively extinguish the (solid) fire. The mixture is also safe to touch and is easy to clean up after use. The Flame Away is easily recognizable as a fire extinguishing aid, but unlike standard fire extinguishers, the Flame Away is beautiful. Standard fire extinguishers are often stored in a cupboard for this reason; This way they are out of sight, but also a lot more difficult to reach in an emergency. This is not our product. Due to our beautiful design, the Flame Away can be incorporated into the interior and will therefore be used more quickly in the event of fire. The faster you can respond, the smaller the fire remains.

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